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On October 25, 1890, the Swedish immigrant population of Longmeadow founded a congregation. Gustavus Adolphus served the community from their original location on Main Street (now Somers Rd). Many of the charter members came to the area to find work in the Redstone quarries. Services were conducted in Swedish, and the growing congregation was a beacon for new-comers. As the climate changed because of the wars in Europe, the people of Gustavus Adolphus decided to change their services to English-speaking and changed their name to St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

As the congregation continued to grow, property on Elm Street was purchased, and the church relocated at the completion of the building project in 1961. Families continued to join the congregation, and an expansion of the Elm Street property took place between 2003 and 2006, adding Sunday School rooms and new office spaces. At that time, the name was officially changed to St. Paul Lutheran Church.

St. Paul has been served by a number of dedicated pastors during its history. In 2014, Pastor Rolf Hedberg, who had pastored the congregation for nearly 30 years, retired. Following a lengthy interim period, the first called female pastor, Anne Strickert, began Serving St. Paul in the summer of 2016.